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More than 10 years of experience building solid Software. Our team at Tigers Agreement has the knowladge to successfully understand different business models in any stage of your company. The rapid change of technology will alter your business models. Your team and your tech tools must be ready. We would like to help.

What we do

Specializing in web software development services and tools for both large and small businesses. Our final products enhance customer workflows, elevating production standards and quality. Leveraging high-quality web application development services, we excel in technologies such as PHP, Python, Angular, Vue, React, Full Javascript, and more.

A glance of our experience:
  • Web systems of any scale and complexity
  • Corporate web portals
  • E-shops (multiple countries and regions)
  • UI / UX design
  • UI / UX hard testing
  • Customized Back-ends

Tigers Agreement specializes in app development, mastering various app development techniques. With a profound understanding of our customers' needs, we propose successful tech solutions. Let us guide you through the intricate world of app development, ensuring a smooth and successful journey.

A glance of our experience:
  • Proof-of-concept
  • Smartphone Apps Design (UX / UI)
  • MVP development
  • Apps development (native or hybrid)
  • Monetization
  • App Stores management
  • Success-oriented development based on agile, rapid development cycle

Every business is unique, with its own set of challenges. Many of these challenges are addressed daily through technology. However, in numerous instances, these technological solutions are driven by manual, repetitive tasks, leading to errors.

At Tigers Agreement, our goal is to mitigate the risk associated with manual data entry and task execution. We achieve this by implementing automated tasks across various processes within your business.

A glance of our experience:
  • Automatic Tasks development
  • IT Proccess analysis
  • Training for the users
  • Data mining of results
  • API for your partners and customers

Sports events unfold daily, capturing the attention of millions worldwide, presenting a unique monetization opportunity for your company. Tigers Agreement provides you with a platform to effortlessly organize tournaments for major sports events. Whether utilized in physical locations (participants entering tournaments via QR code scanning) or in a purely digital format, the objective is to showcase your brand, generating a significant marketing impact among your users and within your region.

A glance of our experience:
  • Sports Forecasting Platform
  • Major big events (World Cups, Tennis Grand Slams, etc
  • Target of users to desired web
  • More than 50+ events per day

Ideas and Concepts
into Software

The Path: Understanding Your Ideas, Developing Them.

Tigers Agreement understands your needs and will propose solutions along with a plan for your concept. Identifying challenges is second nature to us. From the initial meeting, we understand your obstacles, enabling us to craft a customized strategy tailored to your requirements.


IT Support for your
daily Business

The right tools and training for your team. Increasing performance

Having the tools but not using them correctly is a common scenario. Tigers Agreement identifies bottlenecks in your daily processes and promptly applies solutions. This may involve software development and correction (tech) or more human-oriented training.


Building an IT team

Human resources are fundamental for achieving a goal

Building and preparing a new IT team is not always an easy task. Numerous variables require careful consideration for achieving the desired success. Tigers Agreement project managers bring extensive experience to simplify this process for you within your expected budget and costs.


Transforming our clients' ideas into high-quality, scalable business solutions.

Deliverined successful projects through expertise and innovation

Crafting powerful Software Solutions for growing businesses.

Latest Projects

  • image

    FoxCast - Forecasting Game (smartphone app)

    App store

    Smart technology connects daily sports events and business

    FoxCast is a marketing tool for establishments to monetize daily sport events increasing the number of customers and creating a fan base.


    Quimachi - Healthy Snacks

    Webshop and Smartphone Appplication
  • image

    Quimachi - Healthy Snacks

    Web | App iOS
    Webshop and Smartphone Appplication

    They were able to understand the mindset of the client when developing the product.

    Peruvian brand of healthy snacks. Tigers Agreement helped them developing a multi-country eshop and a scalable smartphone app.


    FoxCast - Forecasting Game

    Smart technology connects daily sports events and business.
  • image

    Dorishangartner.com Backend

    Web Backend administration tool for organiing all items and certificates

    Complex inventory organized in an easy way. Customized tool for co-workers to manage all their products and customers. Many pieces have inter-linked certificates. Light weighted and fast.

  • image

    Cactus Jack BBQ's

    Web Multi-Language Webshop

    Very thick-walled steel grills, handcrafted in Europe, are versatile and offer numerous practical extras for a special kind of grilling experience. Whether you are already an experienced grill master or are just discovering your enthusiasm, our smoker range has the right “Jack” for everyone there.

  • image

    Softub International

    Web Multi-Level Webshop

    Approaching different cultures and standards witn the same product and pricing

    he Softub product line is distributed in over 22 countries around the world; including Russia, Australia and England to name a few. There are over 300,000 customers worldwide!

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